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Smoke-free Homes
Avoid Tobacco: Smoke-free Homes
In Indiana, 81% of homes are smoke free -- 93% of nonsmokers??homes are smoke free and 55% smokers??homes are smoke free.혻 This is encouraging as even smokers want (and have) smoke free homes.

Make Your Home Smoke-free

Community Action Kit
Pledge not to smoke in your home and car and do not allow family and visitors to do so.혻 Infants and toddlers are especially vulnerable to the health risks from secondhand smoke.

Do not allow childcare providers or others who work in your home to smoke.

Until you can quit smoking, smoke outside.혻Moving to another room will not eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke.

Smokers trying to quit smoking are more successful in quitting if they have a smoke free home.

Develop a smoke free homes program.