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Tips for Parents
Family: Tips for Parents

Healthy Eating for Kids and Teens

Ask for help in the kitchen. Have your children help with mixing, peeling, chopping, assembling and choosing foods for meals.

Don’t applaud clean plates. A child should stop eating when full, not when the plate is clean.

Praise with praise, not food. Rewarding with sweets and other foods teaches your kids to eat when not hungry, which encourages them to ignore body signals of fullness.

Be a role model. Eat healthy snacks and meals in front of your child and be willing to try new foods together.

Dine with family. Dining at the table allows kids to focus on the food and opens the door to conversations about healthy eating.

Get creative. Turn ordinary dishes into something fun.

Picky eaters? Use encouraging phrases rather than hindering phrases.

Use a slow cooker. Using a crock pot or slow cooker allows for quick, healthy meals for kids after school.

Pack healthy lunches. Give your kids a variety of healthy options and let them choose what to pack.

Rethink the Drink. Watch out for hidden calories in your favorite drinks. Try giving kids mostly water, 100% fruit juices and 1% or skim milk.

Get Active

Lead by example. Be a good example to your kids by leading an active lifestyle.

Make physical activity a part of the daily routine.

Reduce TV time. Only allow your kids to watch 2 hours of television a day. Cut down on computer and video game time, too.

Go places. Take your kids to places that encourage physical activity, like parks or public fields, courts or swimming pools.

Make activity fun. The more your kids enjoy the activity, the more likely they will continue.

Do it together. Get the entire family involved in training for a community run/walk or other physical activity event.

Get up while sitting down. Plan activity breaks during sedentary activities, like doing homework, and do jumping jacks, yoga stretches, or dance around the house.