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Ready, Set, Walk!
Programs: Ready, Set, Walk!
You don?셳 need special equipment or a gym membership to stay healthy. Do what First Lady Cheri Daniels does?봥o for a walk! Ready, Set, Walk! is a walking program designed to help you achieve your fitness goals for a lifetime. By participating, you?셪l join thousands of your fellow Hoosiers who have walked their way to better health.

Walking Tips

Wear a pedometer. It?셲 a great way to see just how far you?셱e walking.

Track your progress. Use a Walking Log to track your progress every day. You?셪l be amazed at how far you?셪l have walked in just a short time.

Walk at work. Take a stroll during lunch with a friend or discuss business with a coworker while walking. It?셲 a great way to solve problems or take a break from the office.

Listen to music, a favorite talk show, or a stimulating podcast. Who says you can?셳 get things done while you exercise?

Find a new route. Why walk the same route every day? Take a new turn and get a different look at your neighborhood.

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