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Angie's List

Angie's List
The wellness program at Angie’s List started in 2005 when Bill Oesterle, CEO, offered a free smoking cessation class for employees and their families. One month later, an employee suggested Angie’s List offer a weight loss class and lunch-time Pilates class for the nearly 100 employees. The classes were a hit and eight months later, Angie’s List had a fully furnished fitness center on-site, over 12 Wellness programs and nearly 200 employees. The wellness program continued to grow to meet the needs of the employees.

Currently, Angie’s List has over 400 employees and approximately 30 wellness programs and events. Programs target stress management, smoking cessation, obesity, depression, heart disease, and healthy eating. Company-paid semi-annual Heart Health assessments and flu shots are also available to employees. CPR classes are offered twice a year, free of charge. The Garden Club was created in 2010 as an opportunity for employees to learn how to grow and maintain a vegetable and herb garden (located on campus) that provides healthy foods for employees. The Cooking Club meets once a month during the lunch hour and creates healthy meals sometimes using vegetables from the campus garden.

The wellness programs would not be a success without the support of the company’s leaders. Smoking Cessation programs are made available every quarter and the company’s CEO is proud to offer $1,000 bonus to employees who quit smoking. Under the “FIT point” program, employees are eligible to receive up to $300 in gift cards each year for participating in the wellness programs. Managers support the wellness initiatives by encouraging employees to participate and offering flexible work schedules so employees can take advantage of the programs during the work day.

Communication is at the heart of the Angie’s List wellness program. The Human Resources department partners with the Wellness Director to keep employees informed regarding preventative care, medical insurance, maximizing Health Savings Accounts, generic prescription options and spending healthcare dollars wisely. The Wellness Director sends a monthly e-newsletter highlighting lunch and learn topics, fitness and wellness tips, recipes and more. Wellness is such an important part of the Angie’s List culture that “Be Healthy” is one of their six Core values.


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