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Area IV

Area IV
Beginning the first week of January, the Lafayette Area IV Agency on Aging and Community Action Programs decided to start an office "Lunch Bunch." Each Saturday Kim, their beloved food preparer, goes to her local county market and stocks up on healthy foods to bring in Monday morning. Anyone participating in the “Lunch Brunch” program can graze throughout the day on the foods available.

The Area IV Agency "Lunch Bunch" began with six members. Now, four months later, 16 people consistently participate each week.

Since the program’s inception, one employee has lost 15 pounds and many others between 5-15 pounds. The group’s total caloric intake decreased by avoiding carbonated beverages, increasing water intake to eight glasses a day, and eating a healthy breakfast.

“Lunch Brunch” created a new camaraderie among Area IV Agency workers, despite having worked together for years. Now, they make a habit of meeting up each afternoon in the break room. They share recipes, exercise tips, and support, encourage and hold each other accountable. The commitment to living healthy lifestyles improved the worker’s overall mental and physical health.


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